Frequently Asked Questions


What is HomeTourVision?

We are an affordable Real Estate Video marketing company designed to feature any and all properties regardless of size or price by using stabilized walk-through video tours and wide angle photography. By advertising your listings using HTV, you get even more exposure aside of what you get just on the MLS. We work hard to get your listings noticed. We work hard to connect you to your next seller, and their homes to the next buyer. Our proven track record has shown that our videos and photos have helped homes sell faster and for more money. We've also partnered with Realtors who have doubled and tripled their listings by simply standing out from their competition by offering video marketing instead of traditional virtual tours using slideshows. Our YouTube channel alone receives thousands of hits every month. Our HomeTours enable buyers to "walk-through" a property for sale from the comfort of their smartphones, their tablets, their computers, and their televisions. A place where homeowners and buyers can meet their next realtor, find a home, real estate related business, learn more about specific towns, and much more.

How do I order a HomeTour?

We have a few options to make ordering extremely simple. You can order here at www.HomeTourVision.com/order-a-hometour, email us at info@hometourvision.com, or call our toll free # at 844-HTV-TOUR. Please have the address, size of home, and any additional requests available when you order. This helps us estimate how much time we'll need so that we may schedule other tours. If you are a new client, we also need your contact info and head shot to use for your branding.

How long does filming a listing take?

Actually not long at all. On average, we are at a property about 60-90 min depending on size. The home needs to be open house ready for when our Video TourGuide arrives so that the tour may be completed as scheduled. Our TourGuides are scheduled throughout the day and need to get their job done so that they may move on to the next. Let us know if you need a Property Checklist for your clients.

How soon should I schedule?

Try to give us a few days notice but if you can't, we'll do our best to schedule your tour ASAP. We are adding more TourGuides to our current and new markets to keep up with the demand.

What is the turnaround time?

Photos are ready in 24-48 hours and videos are ready within 72 hours unless we are narrating the video. If we are narrating the video for you, please send us your script exactly the way the narrator should read it asap.

Can I upload my HomeTours to my Youtube channel?

Definitely!! Just let us know you would like the file and we will send it to you to upload.

Isn’t video and nice photos just for luxury properties?

Marketing is marketing. That's why we made it so affordable for all properties, no matter the price or size. Over 92% of buyers start their search online. Now we have a question for you. Are all of them looking for "luxury" properties? If you could double your listings by offering video, or if you got offers quicker which meant less price reductions and more money overall, would you be interested? We can't sell the property for you, but we promise more people will see it. If you were selling your home, wouldn't you want it visually marketed as much as possible? Video is not about being fancy, it's about exposure.

Can I make changes in the video?

Editing takes time. It's for this reason that we must know what is not being filmed before filming starts. Every video is simply a walk-through of the property. If there are rooms that you do not want in the video, please let us know before. If you are providing a script, please make absolute sure that it is exactly the way you want the narrator to read it. Unless we make a mistake, re-editing will be an additional charge. Because of copyright restrictions, we choose the music for each of our videos.

What if I need to cancel?

Just give us a call. But please cancel at least 24 hours in advance to avoid a cancellation fee.

Can I add my/homeowners photos or video to the tour?

If there are instances where you would like to show photos of the pool, landscape, etc, that we are not able to capture at the time of filming, we can add your photos but they will be watermarked in the video (Photo provided by Realtor), as long as they were not taken by another company or photographer. There are copyright laws we must follow.

How can I write a script when I can’t see the video?

With a walk-through video, it's not easy to address every room in the home in detail. Walk-throughs are meant to be a summary. And that's what the narration should be. The best way is to talk about about the highlights you want to mention, and we'll edit them in the scenes they should be in. For example, you don't have to say "here we are walking into the kitchen....", instead you could say " You'll love the gourmet kitchen with granite island, top of the line stainless steel appliances......." This keeps the process simple, streamlined, and affordable. PLEASE make absolute sure that the narration is correct. Any corrections needed afterwards for whatever reason except our error, will not only result in a re-editing fee, but also a narrator fee.

Do I own the videos and photos of my listings?

No. Copyright and ownership of all photos and videos filmed and photographed by HomeTourVision, belong to HomeTourVision. When you use our video service, you are essentially advertising on HomeTourVision and we grant the rights for the unlimited use of the photos and video tour for the marketing of the listing and yourself on any website or social media site you like. This is why we provide you with a property site, TourGallery, and YouTube exposure. Our photos and videos are not to be re-edited in any way by none other than HomeTourVision. If you or your office needs a Blanket Letter of Authorization to utilize our marketing tools, just let us know. In the event another Realtor re-lists the same property at a later date, use of the same photos and video tour is strictly prohibited.

I have a question that wasn’t listed here

Give us a call or send us an email and we'll answer all your questions!
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